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UK VANs driving up costs for suppliers

Value Added Networks ( VANs ) are discouraging European retail suppliers from trading with the UK.

Jeni Steele, Lobster’s head of UK, said: “European companies are frustrated by the reliance our domestic market has on third party VANs.”

German confectionary giant, Storck, producer of well known brands, such as Werther’s Original and Bendicks Chocolate Mints, uses Lobster software to handle all internal and external data transfer. Tom Schmidt, from Storck’s business process technologies team, added: “We have 16 UK partners and only one allows direct communications, despite Lobster_data giving us the tools to do so.”

The Lobster_data package translates thousands of messages automatically, allowing users to communicate with any third party, regardless of data type. The company serves the manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors, equipping clients with the technology to send and receive orders, share information and rectify issues quickly and efficiently, improving customer service levels and financial stability.

Jeni concluded: “Due to the restrictions imposed on Storck, its communication costs in Britain are as high as they are in rest of the world combined. Sadly, our client’s experience is all too common. Other companies we have spoken to report that UK VANs are slow to react to changing requirements and offer no cost certainty. By increasing awareness of Lobster_data, we want to demonstrate there is a viable, economic alternative to this perceived industry standard.”

For more information about Lobster_data or to arrange a demonstration from the Lobster team, email: info@lobster-uk.com, telephone +44 (0) 114 399 1551 or click here.