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Lobster (www.lobster-uk.com), manufacturer of standard software for data and system integration (Lobster_data), operative process integration and digitisation (Lobster_scm) as well as product data integration (Lobster_pim), offers a WebEDI portal as part of its SCM solution. What’s the benefit? It allows smaller business partners to be electronically linked and seamlessly integrated in the EDI landscape.

Tailored portal solutions for operative process improvements

With its web application, Lobster_scm offers a flexible way to create tailored portal solutions. „Lobster_scm is there to make small improvements to operative processes in order to drive forward the big picture“, explains Dr. Matthias Fellenberg, Managing Director at Lobster SCM GmbH. With Lobster_scm, Lobster customers are able to bring together existing process and IT islands. The aim is to provide a real overview and facilitate optimal control of the processes, irrespective of the systems involved. Lobster_scm links historical data islands to make it easier to find the right information. All business processes are represented and orchestrated in full without any media disruptions. Business integration in the best sense!


Obstacles of EDI linking?

„Smaller businesses are often unable to offer automated communication between their own IT systems and the systems of their partners, in other words, EDI“, says Fellenberg. This presents many businesses with challenges due to the growth of networking. „Small and medium-sized businesses continue sending faxes or choose to communicate via telephone, which in turn means unnecessary typing work for EDI-enabled businesses“, adds Fellenberg. This can usually be traced back to the low communication frequency which makes an EDI link unprofitable.


The WebEDI portal of Lobster_scm: The key to seamless integration into the EDI landscape

The application developed by Lobster enables even smaller business partners to be electronically linked and easily integrated into the EDI landscape using a tailored, potentially even customer-configured solution – a WebEDI portal. The small business partners of Lobster’s customers easily receive, process and manage electronic datasets using an Internet browser. Simple, largely pre-populated forms facilitate handling. „The data entered is then automatically processed when received by the addressee as though it had been sent via EDI“, explains Fellenberg. What’s special about Lobster_scm: The WebEDI portal is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs without having to change the standard Lobster_scm product. All that’s needed is to configure the intuitive tools brought by Lobster_scm.

Depiction of a supplier’s delivery schedule. The supplier is supported through the creation of a delivery note and can send it to their customer electronically with just the click of a mouse.


A look at actual practice

If, for example, the software of a manufacturing company sends an order directly to the supplier as a file, and it is then received on the order system without human intervention, this is known as EDI. Data is being moved from one software system to another and processed there. EDI is short for electronic data interchange. Due to the growth of networking and the acceleration of processes, electronic data exchange is a prerequisite for smooth collaboration between companies. It enables IT systems to exchange data largely automatically. And they can do this beyond company borders.

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