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Lisbeth Blom, Regional manager for the Nordics

Denmark, 08.04.2019. Lobster GmbH, www.lobster-uk.com, is continually expanding its presence in the European market, gaining circa 150 new customer each year. The company already operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and France. The manufacturer of standard software for data and system integration (Lobster_data), operational process integration and digitalisation (Lobster_scm) and product data integration (Lobster_pim) is now opening up the Nordic market. Lisbeth Blom, our Regional Manager, is responsible for Lobster Nordics, working from her base in Denmark. She is planning to further expand into the Benelux before summer 2019. With over 18 years of experience, Lisbeth specialises in technical sales and has successfully managed sales and related services in the North European markets.

Our Danish manager is looking forward to the launch into her home market, is enthusiastic about the Lobster entrepreneurial spirit and its extremely bright developers who have created technically superior data integration (EDI and EAI), business integration and supply chain management solutions. All software products are intuitive and thus extremely easy to implement and maintain. “At Lobster we love to think unconventionally and want to combine a highly professional approach to work with passion for the product“, Blom explains.

Focusing on core business with Lobster

Developments are coming thick and fast. Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Especially in the IT sector. All people, all systems and all platforms want to and have to work together. Software. Hardware. EDI. EAI. Everything is moving. Revolving around topics such as data and system integration. Digitalisation and operational process integration. And product data integration.

The company is committed to offering its customer in a diverse range of industries software-based integration solutions. „Our customer are just like us in this respect. They want outstanding quality. Ideally, a simple solution that eases the workload and is also fun to use, allowing customer to quickly get back to focusing on their real business,“ adds Lisbeth Blom, Regional Manager for the Nordic states Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Arla and Postnord already benefiting from Lobster

Companies such as Arla and Postnord are already using the Lobster software. They are now reaping the benefits of intuitive drag-and-drop functions, cloud connectivity, access via mobile phones, tablets and office computers, configuring instead of programming, Docker technology: By implementing these and other trends, Lobster is taking business software to a new level for its customer. „We can only do this by putting our customer at the heart of everything we do and strengthening collaboration here both within IT and between the specialist departments,“ Blom confirms.


The Lobster product portfolio at a glance



… enables the safe and comprehensible transfer of business-relevant data between diverse systems and platforms, both within a company (EAI – Enterprise Application Integration) and in an effortless connection (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange) to external partner-companies, such as service providers, suppliers and clients. Moreover, business data can be converted, manipulated and enriched into structured, editable data in a graphic user interface. Simply, safely and flexibly. Without any programming.


The centrepiece: Lobster_data, integration technology for all areas. Data exchange both within a company and between companies, as well as between different systems generally.


… enables processes in the operational business to be brought together digitally in a dedicated web portal. The aim: to provide a real overview and facilitate optimal control of the processes, irrespective of the systems involved. Lobster_scm links historical data islands to make it easier to find the right information. All business processes are represented and orchestrated in full without any media disruptions. That’s digitalisation.



Good software adapts to a company’s requirements – not the other way round. This is the principle that Lobster has followed since 2002. With easy-to-use solutions for complex issues, Lobster GmbH offers customer three integration products: Lobster_data, the standard software for data and system integration. Lobster_scm for digitalisation and operational process integration. Lobster_pim for seamless product communication. And not only that: Our products are always in line with the latest developments.

Operating across Europe in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, France, the Nordics and the Benelux states, Lobster GmbH makes digital transformation a reality. From its headquarters in Pöcking by Lake Starnberg, the company employs around 120 members of staff. Over 1000 national and international companies from a wide range of industries benefit from Lobster software products today – and that number is growing all the time.

Further information: www.lobster-uk.com

You can get further information under:
Lobster Nordics
Lisbeth Blom
Regional Manager
Mobile: +45 23301440
E-Mail:  lisbeth.blom@lobster-nordics.com


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