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Major-Release Lobster_scm 4

Lobster_scm is designed as a flexible kit to support the specific business processes of customer.
In conjunction with Lobster_data, Lobster_scm enables the digital integration along complex process chains without programming, in which partner systems and the customer’s own systems are integrated into the data.

„The goal of the extensive innovations is above all to make the work with Lobster_scm even easier,“ explains Dr. med. Matthias Fellenberg, Head of Project and Product Management at Lobster SCM GmbH. Lobster_scm now offers a graphical editor for the mask design and allows the configuration of logic blocks in the form of flowcharts. Fellenberg: „From now on, the individual arrangement of work windows, drag-and-drop and the quick change between overview and detail view are standard for our users. The configuration procedure by the customer himself has been greatly simplified. The individual customer solutions can be built up step by step so that an agile project approach is ideally supported. “

Of course, Lobster_scm runs on all popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. Thanks to HTML5, Lobster_scm can also be easily used with a variety of devices, from stand-up computers to notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Lobster_scm 4 is provided free of charge to all customer with an existing maintenance contract.

You are not yet a customer? Then you are cordially invited to meet Lobster_scm and to secure your piece of the cake. Please contact us by e-mail to support@scm.lobster.de, by phone on 08157/590 99 – 90 or use the chat on the Lobster homepage.


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