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Digital competence – employees in demand

The surveyed CIOs believe that in the future, demand for trained IT employees, in particular, will be higher than ever. Just under half (49%) of the IT managers cite the digital competence of future employees as the biggest obstacle. This point is associated with the general availability of IT employees, which 46% of the respondents believe will be a challenge in the future. This is the result of the Lobster survey, in which 120 IT decision-makers in management positions were interviewed by the renowned institute SSI Survey Sampling Germany GmbH on behalf of the Lobster GmbH.

Digital competence – the greatest challenge for future employees.

“It is therefore beneficial to have a straightforward yet efficient software solution available, such as that offered by Lobster, which can be used even without considerable IT skills”, explains Lobster Managing Director Fischer.

The competition for trained employees is also increasing: The key phrase “war for talent” is mentioned by 39% of the managers. However, the IT department cannot be seen in isolation within the company; instead, it must coalesce with the other specialist departments:

A third of the respondents (34%) believe that the coalescence of IT and other specialist departments, with the associated cross-disciplinary knowledge that this requires, represents a challenge for the future. The associated initial investment in the employees is cited as a challenge by 14% of respondents.

There are many possible strategies for dealing with the increasing shortage of skilled personnel within the companies.

These include increasing automation and integrating systems and data as smoothly as possible. This is something that can be achieved with the Lobster software, for example: The software, which is based on HTML 5, is easy to use and does not require considerable IT skills or initial investment in employees. The system can be accessed by various users at the same time from any PC and any end device; all the functions are available anywhere at any time. All established data formats, whether internal or external, are transferred from one system to the next easily and without any required programming skills.

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