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Added value for the mid-size sector through cloud computing

Mid-size companies in particular are benefiting from the flexibility of cloud computing. This is advantageous for both the optimisation of processes as well as customer satisfaction.

Digital competence – employees in demand

The surveyed CIOs from the Lobster survey believe that in the future, demand for trained IT employees, in particular, will be higher than ever. To the results.

Would you like to know how you can change the way you handle EDI and EAI?

Read more about the solution!

Supply Chain: automated delivery and prompt order management

There's always a snag somewhere. Sometimes deliveries are very delayed, sometimes the wrong item is found in the package, and sometimes shipments are lost. This is annoying for everyone involved. It costs time and money – sometimes it even costs you the customer.

Better networking through standardised data integration

For producing companies, 5G presents endless possibilities. However, this requires a guarantee of a 5G transmission tower within range and data integration.

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