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Better networking through standardised data integration

For producing companies, 5G presents endless possibilities. However, this requires a guarantee of a 5G transmission tower within range and data integration.

Bottleneck data integration – say yes to configuration, no to programming

Data integration and connectivity are the absolute key issues when it comes to digital transformation, and are among the biggest challenges for the medium-sized companies. The reason is simple, says Dr Martin Fischer, Managing Director of Lobster GmbH: "Progressive digitisation requires a seamless i...

Creativity 4.0: Data integration as a driver for IIoT

Anyone who takes a closer look at digitalisation processes in companies at present will observe an astonishing development. The euphoria and gold-rush mood associated with the idea of disruptive business models has given way to mild disillusionment in many areas.


Lobster_scm creates a web interface to bring together process islands of any business size. Business integration in the best sense.

Digitalisation – in which areas are the biggest changes required?

Disruptive technologies always bring big changes, today and in the future. In March 2018, 120 IT decision-makers in management positions were interviewed by the renowned institute SSI Survey Sampling Germany GmbH on behalf of Lobster GmbH. The company is on the track of the following questions: Wher...

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