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Major-Release Lobster_data

With the major release of Lobster_data, intuitive working on all end devices becomes the norm Desktop in the office, tablet in the airplane, smartphone in the meeting and notebook at home - modern management requires a high degree of flexibility. The same applies to the software, which should continue to work seamlessly with the current data status from a wide variety of devices. "With the current release of our standard software Lobster_data, we have taken the topic of data ...

Major-Release Lobster_scm 4

Lobster celebrates the completion of the new major release Lobster_scm 4. Above all, Lobster has completely redesigned the frontend of its supply chain management software and brought it up to date with state-of-the-art HTML5 technology....

Lobster und Ehrhardt+Partner

Perfect data integration Pöcking, 21.06.2018. Lobster (www.lobster.de), manufacturer of standard software for data integration, and the E + P Group (www.epg.com), leading international provider of logistics solutions, enter into a partnership on 1.7.2018. This makes the extensive Lobster_data functions available to EPG customers. The advantage: the integration to the most different systems becomes simpler, faster and with only few clicks; cross-industry and always up to date...

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