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New net helps us catch UK market

The new Lobster website is here! Dive into our latest news for more info – we’d love your feedback…

We’ve redesigned and rebuilt our online platform to make it easier for English speakers to discover our alternative approach to electronic data interchange (EDI).

Offering greater accessibility and ease of use, our website now addresses the needs of companies wanting to send and receive high volumes of information from third parties in any format, without external intervention.

We are giving visitors an insight into our ethos and the intuitive nature of our integration products. The site also outlines the time and cost savings Lobster users can experience, particularly those switching from value added networks, the perceived UK standard for electronic data interchange.

Head of UK, Jeni Steele, said:”We have worked hard to make our website user friendly and free from the complicated technical jargon associated with software production, so you can establish quickly how our products will make your business more efficient. By improving our online presence we aim to show the UK just what can be achieved with our innovative technology.”

Take a look around our detailed product specifications, case studies and information about the latest software updates. We’d love to know what you think about our online developments on +44 (0) 114 399 1551 or via our contact us page click here.