Lobster_data enables Managed File Transfer

Electronic data exchange has an important role in the everyday business environment:

It has to be fully automated, on time, protected against theft and includes such information as prices, contracts,
sensitive financial data, orders, invoices and much more. This information has to be transferred with trade partners, service providers, and customers.

This is ensured by the data management software Lobster_data.



If business partners, subsidiaries
or systems communicate with each other
and require an overarching set of rules,
Lobster offers the module Managed File Transfer (MFT).




Lobster_data Managed File Transfer guarantees:

  • a secure end-to-end data flow
  • automatic transmission and receipt confirmations
  • easy handling for branches and partners without IT skills
  • data transmission and data conversion in one system
  • the elimination of isolated applications (like batch files or shell scripts)
  • central monitoring including alerting, controlling and restarting

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