"Lobster_data can
process a huge amount of
data in a very short time."

G. Müller, Konica Minolta

"Our 'Swiss Army Knife' for
data integration."

Walter Ebeling, Kuehne + Nagel

"Lobster’s open system allows
us now to analyse errors
quickly and respond ourselves."

J. Honold, Karwendel (Exquisa)

"We have been using the software
throughout the group for over five
years now. We know we can rely
on Lobster_data."

M. Führlinger, Gartner international shipping

"Our infrastructure has been
simplified. As a company we
have saved a great deal of time,
improved transparency, monitoring
and security, and have more stable
interfaces. Lobster_data
gives us peace of mind."

C. Boungou, Chemion Logistik

"Using Lobster_data,
programming skills are not
necessary. Ultimately, you just
have to be able to create a folder
structure in order to
operate the tool."

O. M. Pusnik, Chemion Logisitk

"We don’t have to rely on a software
release schedule anymore, and we can
go live with the data when the customer
wants it. Lobster_data allows us to
improve our services."

M Oldenburg, Acer Computer

Transformational technology

There is no easier way to communicate with clients, suppliers and professional partners than with Lobster_data. Its speed and efficiency brings time and cost savings, whilst improving EDI transactions in any format, including XML and Excel files to name but a few.

External communications

Handling external communications in house means confidential information is more secure, work can be processed more quickly and budgets forecast more accurately, as there is no third party in the way of direct exchanges of information.

Lobster_data’s intuitive design and simplicity gives staff the tools to integrate new partners, regardless of technical expertise or experience. Following minimal training with Lobster’s experts, your employees will have the confidence and skills to handle data transfer on their own, creating new maps and profiles when required and processing transactions received via various input methods.

If questions do arise, our friendly support team is always happy to lend a helping hand.

Internal processes

There’s so much more to Lobster_data than first meets the eye.

A central monitoring system provides one point of control, offering unrivalled transparency and automatic detection of problems, should errors be made whilst processing files.

This ability to access data at the touch of a button gives you the freedom to create detailed reports on any aspect of the system that can be shared with other users or exported into documents.

With software this flexible, it can be moulded to your organisation. If you would like it to control a specific function within ERP, packaging or transportation, this can be integrated on request.

Why Lobster_data is right for you

To learn more about the functions and capabilities of Lobster_data, our knowledgeable sales team can answer your questions and provide working demonstrations. For more information, telephone +44 (0) 114 399 1551, email info@lobster-uk.com or click here.