Lobster PIM – Picturepark DAM Connector


Lobster PIM System now with Picturepark DAM Connectory
Product Information Management with Lobster_pim becomes even easier!
The integrated DAM Connector for Picturepark allows you to access and manage all your digital assets from one place.
This allows you to realise high-performance DAM services via a web service interface.

Direct access to content and metadata
With the Asset Browser, you as a Lobster_pim user decide what content you want to use in your PIM.
This feature simplifies the refinement and enrichment of your products or articles.
Since all metadata values from Picturepark are available in Lobster_pim, you can directly see or search for descriptions,
captions or article relations.
The DAM Connector allows Lobster_pim to accesses the same digital assets that are currently managed and offered
in Picturepark and therefore simplifies the image assignment in the PIM system.

The Picturepark integration in Lobster_pim offers:

  • The comparison of all Picturepark assets as PIM reference with thumbnails,
  • the tracking of DAM operations (e.g. deletion, modification or creation of assets),
  • the assignment of assets to PIM objects,
  • live access to all assets by the integrated PIM Asset Browser,
  • a simple mapping of Picturepark metadata to PIM attributes,
  • the building of a ‘virtual’ asset tree with the inclusion and exclusion of structures,
  • a time-controlled automatic synchronisation of changes in assets (metadata or asset changes),
  • a REST service to ‘trigger’ the PIM Picturepark synchronisation at events in Picturepark,
  • an ad-hoc synchronisation of assets by user request,
  • a simple interface configuration and
  • the transfer of PIM product data to Picturepark.

Asset view in Picturepark:



Asset View in Lobster_pim with the Asset Browser (with Dynamic Metadata):

To learn more about the functions and capabilities of Lobster_pim and the Picturepark DAM Connector, our knowledgeable
sales team can answer your questions and provide working demonstrations.
For more information, please call +44 (0) 114 399 1551 or email your request to information@lobster.de