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Lobster launches updates to data software

Lobster_data is now providing better accessibility, processing speeds and error protection.

The Leeds-based firm has added three key modules to its Lobster_data package, which translates electronic communications automatically, regardless of format.

Web Portal, a simple web interface, has been introduced to allow Lobster_data users, their professional partners and customers to carry out online electronic data interchange (EDI), from any place and in any language. This upgrade enhances the package’s usability and means anyone with minimal training can create HTML connections to communicate internally or externally, for example, to place orders or generate despatch notes.

Test Case Manager enables the standard Lobster_data package to check software updates and profile changes before they go live, providing a safe way to detect and fix errors.

Parallel Processing has also been developed to reduce bottlenecks when jobs are being executed. It allows the user to pick from five levels of priorities, optimising processing speeds.

Jeni Steele, Lobster’s head of UK, said: “Clients use Lobster_data to translate thousands of messages every hour from internal sources, suppliers and customers across the globe. Our focus has always been on making this communication process as cost and time efficient as possible and these new modules go further towards streamlining the system. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and add value to our software and feedback on this latest release has been extremely positive.”

Lobster serves clients from a variety of sectors, equipping them with the technology to send and receive data in any format without complex programming or third party intervention. For more information about Lobster_data or to arrange a demonstration, email: info@lobster-uk.com, telephone +44 (0) 114 399 1551 or click here.