Get Ready for More Data

Logistics firms must be ready to handle the increased data load created by greater automation.

We are helping freight and delivery companies embrace the additional information available as technology advances and predictions, such as driverless trucks and highly automated warehouses, become a reality.

It is inevitable that such innovations – whatever form they take – will lead to more available data, which we believe will be key to improved productivity and profitability.

Our flagship software already enables international logistics clients, including Hermes and Kühne+Nagel, to process and manipulate the information they receive when tracking and monitoring orders and deliveries, saving time and money.

Users enjoy the flexibility and customisable design of our EDI system, allowing communications that flow in and out of the business to be tracked and processed with speed and efficiency.

We can’t promise our software will be controlling huge cavalcades of unmanned HGVs singlehandedly, but we can be sure that clients will be equipped with the tools to process and benefit from any additional information produced by advances in distribution.

To find out how Lobster_data is benefiting Austrian logistics giant, the Gartner Group, take a look at our case study here.