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Epson Europe Electronics GmbH is a subsidiary of the Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation. In 1989, Epson Europe Electronics GmbH was founded under its former name Epson Semiconductor. While Epson Semiconductor sold only semiconductors, followed on April 1, 1996, the restructuring and renaming in the Epson Europe Electronics GmbH. This went along with the expansion of the product range. Today’s portfolio includes semiconductor devices, clocks and sensor systems.

Technical requirements

  • Excel
  • XLS
  • CSV


Anyone who works worldwide needs transparency. For example, to serve its customer via the fastest delivery route and with the shortest delivery times. Or to report back the stock in Europe. This has been solved by the subsidiary Epson Europe Electronics GmbH recently with Lobster_data. In order to be always up to date in Munich, the data must be picked up daily from a server in Japan and transferred to your own system in Munich. In Japan, the data from the own ERP program are brought into Excel form and made available on a server. In Munich, on the other hand, two different formats are needed – one on Sharepoint in xls format and Unix in csv format. This data can then be accessed by Epson customer.

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