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Translating Made Easy– with the Lobster Software

1976 Acer was founded with the name ‚Multitech‘ . Today, Acer numbers as one among the best known computer companies. From their headquarters in Taipeh, Taiwan, the company produces alongside notebooks, tablets, desktops, smartphones, servers also LCDs, TVs, projectors, wearables and media-centres. With over 7,000 staff Acer also markets their product range in over 100 countries.

Technical Requirements


Whenever orders are received electronically by Acer Computer GmbH, the system initially does not understand the client query. Each system ‚speaks a different language‘ – the client’s system for instance IDOC, whereas the ACER system utilises EDIFACT. In order for the data transfer to still succeed, a ‚data interpreter‘ is necessary that translates in a quick, correct and complete fashion. For this purpose, Acer utilises the data management software Lobster_data.

With the legacy system, it took Acer at least 20 minutes for the process of the incoming client order to the order distribution. With Lobster_data it is a matter oft wo to three seconds.

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