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Case Studies for

Case study_Saint-Gobain

Pipe maker, Saint-Gobain PAM, loves using Lobster as a conduit to connect with customers. Never before has EDI been so quick and easy.

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Case study_Rösle

Things can get pretty hot in Rösle’s kitchen if there’s a glitch in its data transfer. But with Lobster’s help all connections simmer gently no matter how busy the chefs become.

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Case study_Leitz

Nothing less than perfection will do for German precision toolmaker, Leitz and it expects the same of its data conversion software.

Read more: >> Leitz

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Case study_KNIPEX

When the customer is king, service levels need to reach royal standards. Or so thinks leading pliers brand, KNIPEX, who believes the key to lasting supremacy is seamless data exchange.

Read more: >> KNIPEX

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Case study_Industrie-Logistik-…

Handling the various file formats of international customers from multiple industries may sound like a challenge, but they’re no match for Lobster.

Read more: >> Industrie-Logistik-Linz

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Case study_Fenthols

For logistics firms, a data jam can quickly lead to escalating costs. To ensure everyone in the supply chain receives consistent communications, Fenthols, depends on Lobster_data.

Read more: >> Fenthols

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Case study_Docdata

What happens if your ecommerce purchase is faulty or you simply don’t like it? With Lobster’s help, sophisticated supply chain management software steps in and the return runs smoothly.

Read more: >> Docdata

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Case study_ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal produces steel products for all manner of industries. Despite its size, the strength of Lobster_data ensures the right order reaches the right client at the right time.

Read more: >> ArcelorMittal

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Case study_KNV

When you have 500,000 books to distribute to 7,000 outlets in 2,200 locations, communication is key and there’s no margin for error.

Read more: >> KNV

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Case study_Honold

Consumers expect goods to be available when and where they want them, but few appreciate the complex process that delivery companies undertake to make this happen.

Read more: >> Honold International

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Case study_Karl Hess

Supplying world renowned brands can be the key to business success, but if you want to play with industry giants, it has to be by their rules.

Read more: >> Karl Hess

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Case study_Gildemeister

It used to take weeks for mail from Europe to reach Asia. Today, communication flows between Gildemeister and its Japanese trading partner in a matter of seconds.

Read more: >> Gildemeister

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Case study_John Deere

Keeping product data consistent is a challenge for companies trading in multiple languages. For John Deere, the solution was information management software, Lobster_pim.

Read more: >> John Deere

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Customer network simplified

Spectacle manufacturer, Menrad, has a clear vision of its future – to use Lobster’s data integration software to simplify a complex global customer network.

Read more: >> Menrad

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Easing pressure on tyre expert…

Point S members know there’s strength in numbers. But with increasing popularity comes increasing strain on processes and productivity.

Read more: >> PointS

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Catering for quicker orders

Take a cupful of German industriousness, add a sprinkling of technological innovation and you have the recipe for perfect order processing.

Read more: >> WMF

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Time saving tech talk

Computer giant, Acer, receives orders in various formats, but thanks to Lobster_data’s speedy translations, problem free processing takes just seconds.

Read more: >> Acer

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Technological highway

Logistics specialist, Widdowson, has shifted its operations up a gear, thanks to the efficiency gains Lobster_data is driving through all aspects of its business.

Read more: >> Widdowson Group

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In safe hands

The safe transfer of hazardous goods starts with the safe transmission of data. For logistics experts, Chemion, Lobster represented the perfect blend of reliability and efficiency.

Read more: >> Chemion

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Bringing suppliers to heel

German shoe manufacturer, Deichmann, uses the magic of Lobster_data to send and receive thousands of critical messages from suppliers and retailers across the world.

Read more: >> Deichmann

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When speed is of the essence

EDI capability is fast becoming the key to logistics success. Thanks to Lobster’s data software, Gartner Group keeps its fleet on the road and goods reach clients on time.

Read more: >> Gartner Group

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Dressed to impress

Keeping up with the sartorial demands of savvy shoppers in 62 countries means having sales channels as forward thinking as your fashions.

Read more: >> Gerry Weber

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Say cheese!

Cheese making on a massive scale requires speed, accuracy…and plenty of milk. Karwendel might still need a few cows, but Lobster’s got the rest covered!

Read more: >> Karwendel

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In the driving seat

Kipp is used to finding innovative solutions to meet the fast paced motor industry’s demands. Unfortunately, the software it was using to manage new partners was still in the slow lane.

Read more: >> Kipp

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Pump up the volume

Lobster’s seamless integration and ease of use allows Konica Minolta to turn up the volume control and handle large quantities of data with consistency and speed.

Read more: >> Konica Minolta

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A step change in EDI

Climbing the ladder to global success requires efficient communication across continents. In Lobster, Zarges has found the right platform to support its data transfer systems.

Read more: >> Zarges

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