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Lobster is introducing the ultimate
tool for electronic data integration (EDI).

Transformational technology

We are transforming the way businesses
interact, offering a time and money saving
alternative to the UK’s perceived industry

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Our expert sales team understands how
the logistical demands of industries
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Dive into data

Lobster is revolutionising the way information is transferred between businesses.

We are spreading the word across the globe about our innovative software, which offers cost and time savings.

From bases in the UK and Germany, our talented in house developers ensure clients’ requirements are met and find new and inventive ways to increase their capabilities and efficiency.

Our software

Although our flagship Lobster_data software was created originally to cater for the logistics sector, it became apparent quickly that it could handle electronic data produced by virtually any company.

We continue to refine the system and it offers hassle-free integration between suppliers, professional partners and end users, regardless of industry, geographic location or format.

Our service

Our mission is to make your job easier.

Lobster software can be used intuitively, but if you need assistance our knowledgeable support team is here to help.

Boasting high levels of advisory competence, we provide transparent and fair licensing options. To find out more, call +44 (0) 114 399 1551, email info@lobster-uk.com or click here.