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The dark side of IT

If you’re striving for interconnectedness and digitisation, you require transparency in your system landscape, sophisticated multi-cloud and software asset management, as well as data integration which is standardised and easy to operate. By now, most companies understand that digitisation is a crucial factor in optimising processes and developing new value creation models. Managing directors can …


Over seven bridges – data integration step by step

The following process shows how data can be automatically processed to a large extent. Easy-to-use features such as drag-and-drop, multi-device capability, automatic feedback in case of an error and continuous documentation allow for high flexibility and fast responses to current requirements. As well as better task structuring between IT and the respective department. Some preliminary …

Holger Klöß

Working together to pull together. Turn out the strengths of the product. Increase awareness in the market. Sales like from a picture book. Approach. Master. Realize.

Ten points for automated data integration

Anyone currently looking for a software specialist likely has one of the hardest jobs in the world. Despite the many excellent workers, according to Bitkom, there are far too few in the long term. At around 82,000 vacancies in Germany, according to a trade association study from late 2018 (PDF), 59 percent of companies have stated: …

Added value for the mid-size sector through cloud computing

For most mid-size businesses, the topic of digitisation is regularly on the agenda. In most cases, this involves digitally optimising individual business processes on a step-by-step basis. To this end, more and more businesses have been taking advantage of cloud computing – by outsourcing some of their data storage, purchasing additional processing power, docking tailored …

Advanced Plastics

Software solutions for advanced technical solutions in plastics Advanced Plastics provide a range of technical injection molded products. The company supplies customers worldwide with highly technical plastics made from PA, POM, PET and PEEK in the form of semi-finished and finished parts.   to customer overview

Digital competence – employees in demand

The surveyed CIOs believe that in the future, demand for trained IT employees, in particular, will be higher than ever. Just under half (49%) of the IT managers cite the digital competence of future employees as the biggest obstacle. This point is associated with the general availability of IT employees, which 46% of the respondents …

Would you like to know how you can change the way you handle EDI and EAI?

Here’s the solution: Lobster_data is a central data hub and an accessible data converter in one.   You want to book a demonstration or webinar now? Click here. For further information on lobster_data please click on this link: https://www.lobster-uk.com/lobster-data/ For information in German please click here.

Supply Chain: automated delivery and prompt order management

Logistics is naturally a complex topic, since so many processes need to seamlessly intertwine, and there are usually numerous partners involved: customers, distributors, manufacturers, external warehouses, suppliers and subcontractors actively exchange data. This includes order data, shipment information, freight lists, receipt logs, invoices, credit notes – a huge range of information, moved around in numerous …






Data integration successfully delivered PostNord offers communication and logistics solutions from, to and within the Nordic region. In addition, they handle postal delivery to individuals and businesses in Sweden and Denmark.   to customer overview

Account Manager Benelux

Lobster_data Insights

Here is the value

Interested in the value of Lobster_data or Lobster_scm please contact us“  

Installation requirements

You are interested in how to install the Lobster_data? Here we go.

What products do we have

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