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Change the way you handle EDI & EAI

Our innovative software translates information to and from your desired format in six simple steps, allowing fast, efficient and transparent communication within your company and with your partners – fast, easy, simple mapping! The Lobster_data is a central data hub and an accessible data converter in one. It can convert all data formats (EDIfact, xml, …

These are our core products

Lobster_data enables the safe and comprehensible transfer of business-relevant data between diverse systems and platforms, both within a company (EAI – Enterprise Application Integration) and in an effortless connection (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange) to external partner-companies, such as service providers, suppliers and clients. Moreover, business data can be converted, manipulated and enriched into structured, …

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Better networking through standardised data integration

The auction for 5G frequencies is in full swing and experts are currently outbidding each other with estimates on how many billions of Euros the federal government stands to profit. The German economy should hope that the amount payable will not be too high, so that the frequencies are not only sold, but can also …

Bottleneck data integration – say yes to configuration, no to programming

Entrepreneurs have become more sceptical about their assessment of their own progress within the digital transformation. At the moment, 62 percent of companies surveyed within the „German-speaking SAP user group“ (DSAG) reported their status within the digital transformation to be „not far along“. In comparison to the 2018 investment report, this is a decline of …

Creativity 4.0: Data integration as a driver for IIoT

Uncharted territory The idea that every trading company, industrial enterprise and service provider could become a second Uber, Airbnb or Netflix, which completely invalidates the previous value creation models within a sector, has not proven to be the case. The extensive revolution, in which many invested – to no avail – failed to materialise. A …


Lobster (www.lobster-uk.com), manufacturer of standard software for data and system integration (Lobster_data), operative process integration and digitisation (Lobster_scm) as well as product data integration (Lobster_pim), offers a WebEDI portal as part of its SCM solution. What’s the benefit? It allows smaller business partners to be electronically linked and seamlessly integrated in the EDI landscape. Tailored …

omniwise GmbH

The expertise of omniwise GmbH includes not only Digital Customer Experience (UX) and Process Optimization, but also B2B and B2C.The focus is on digital customer and supplier connection, data integration and data transformation. Regardless of the data or interface format, omniwise helps customers bring available data into a user-centered context, making it the optimal data …

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