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Our flagship software package offers all that you need to take control of data communication and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Lobster_data allows users to exchange thousands of files in any format with suppliers, clients and professional partners, whilst managing mapping and new profiles in house. This improves your responsiveness to changing demands and speeds up the decision making process.



Park up your VAN! Budget certainty and data freedom are guaranteed with our flexible alternative to value added networks.

Lobster_data handles all internal and external data transfer, providing cost savings and financial stability, plus greater accuracy and efficiency. It also enables you to rectify issues internally, without relying on third party intervention and shortens lead times for new developments or enhancements.



Our unique approach to data transfer gives you the tools to integrate clients, suppliers and processes with speed and ease.

Lobster_data is also complemented by software designed to manage your supply chain, product information and e-commerce. Take a look in the Lobster pot to find out more.

Lobster_scm-edi-edifact-muenchen-software Lobster_scm-edi-edifact-muenchen-software